Joan sought executive coaching for support developing a strategic communication plan to help her achieve an internal promotion. With increased confidence and a clear strategy, she asked for a promotion and got it!

“I came to Kim because I was dissatisfied in my current job and I needed help defining what options I might have going forward. While I had been in my past position for decades, I had successfully made the switch to another organization yet I wasn’t satisfied with my role or my title.

Within our first conversation, Kim helped me pinpoint and articulate my areas of concern. She had me consider opportunities for process improvement and additional autonomy – key areas that were important to me, but I had been unable to clearly state, even to myself. Her suggested questions for my consideration were reasonable, rational, and helped me to find my comfort zone. She worked with me to develop a plan and a strategy to ask for a title change. She was flexible and listened when I became anxious about standing up for myself. She helped me see that even if the initial answer was “no” it would give me information and answers that I could build on to try again or to consider my options with the organization. She helped me see the situation from an objective point of view and to consider my value to the organization. She gave me courage to ask for what I wanted and what I deserved. In every interaction with Kim I felt safe and secure. I knew that she had my best interests at heart. She was encouraging and supportive and always open to listen and to flex if I needed to take a breath and pause in my plan development.

The good news is that I took that step and asked for the change …and I got it! Kim was as excited as I was about the change. Honestly, I could not have accomplished what I did without her very wise and insightful assistance. It has been a joy working with Kim and I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to her again. I also highly recommend her as a coach. She is a gifted professional.” ~ Joan C., Nonprofit Leader, Washington, D.C.

Mary sought executive coaching support for multiple leaders within her organization. The executive coaching process enabled her to make critical strategic decisions for her organization while fully leveraging the strengths and capabilities of her team.

“Kim has provided executive coaching to several leadership level staff at The Arc of Opportunity. She possesses deep listening skill as well as strong analytical skills. She was able to grasp the organizational need and help staff move forward toward achieving powerful goals. I would highly recommend Kim as a 1:1 executive coach.” Mary H., CEO, Non-profit, Fitchburg, MA

In an effort to maximize his career transition, Mark engaged in career coaching to prepare for the interview process. Within weeks, he received 2 competitive job offers in roles that aligned with his professional skills and career goals.

Working with Kim gave me that boost of confidence I really needed to perform well in the job interview.  Kim showed great expertise at helping me to articulate my past experiences in a way that showcased all my strengths and talent.  She really dug into my experience to understand how I could position myself in the best light with different employers.  She helped me tailor my responses based on the interviewer’s role and she taught me how to not only answer the question, but understand the purpose of different questions.  Kim doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear either–she will tell you when something doesn’t sound right or might get misinterpreted negatively, and then she helps you to re-phrase it in a better way. Kim is well prepared, professional, and brings a high degree of integrity to her work.  I felt that she was always looking out for my best interest, and her only goal was to help me make the best decisions and get the best job possible.  I ended up with two very competitive job offers due in large part to the work I put in with Kim.” ~ Mark H., Business Development, Healthcare, Boston, MA 

Chris engaged in career coaching to prepare for a significant career change. When he began the coaching program, he was unclear about his career direction. Career coaching helped him to clarify his career goals and develop an action plan to achieve them.

“Kim was referred to me by a friend, and I hired her to help me clarify my career goals, create a plan of action, and move toward making meaningful changes in my professional life. From our first conversation, it was clear that she understood where I was coming from and that she would be an invaluable collaborator in the process. Making career changes can be very intimidating, especially when they involve a degree of risk and uncertainty; after each of my conversations with Kim I walked away feeling better than I had before — not just encouraged, but genuinely excited about the new path I was discovering. She is an excellent listener, and her feedback has been instrumental in helping me keep the momentum moving forward. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wants to initiate a meaningful change in their career.” ~ Chris F., Sales, Information Technology, New York, NY

Marvin relocated geographically due to his wife’s career. Career coaching helped him to strategically evaluate his career options and ultimately choose a job that best fit his professional skills and personal situation.

“Kim assisted me through an extremely challenging period of transition, and quite frankly I would not be nearly as well off without her incredible support. During that time I dropped everything in moving my family to a small town where my spouse was starting a residency in surgery. Anyone who’s been through a similar situation can attest to just how much more difficult job hunting becomes. Kim took this all in stride as she patiently and methodically navigated me through all my options. I ultimately settled on a role and industry that allows for telecommuting, and it’s not a setup I would have settled into as smoothly without her astute advice. I would recommend Kim for just about any aspect of career management. She’s a smart and honest person who will work with you to find the best accommodation!” Marvin M., Marketing, Information Technology, Greenville, NC

After many years leading his own business, Ken decided to pursue a career change. His career change was particularly challenging because he wanted to transition to both a new industry and new functional role. With a powerful networking strategy, Ken successfully landed a new executive role in his target industry and function in less than 3 months.

“Meeting with Kim helped me narrow my ideas and break the process down into actionable steps. As a career transition is overwhelming, having a mentor break each step into week-long goals was tremendously helpful.” ~ Ken A., IT Leadership, Financial Services, Salt Lake City, UT

After many years as an executive with a local non-profit, Mark was laid off from his role. He pursued career coaching to help him jump-start an ineffective job search. With a clear career direction and an actionable networking strategy, Mark quickly landed an ideal role.

“I spent most of my first 8 months of unemployment seeking a new job in the traditional manner by searching on the internet and sending out resumes and cover letters. I had very little success with this method. Thanks to your outstanding step-by-step knowledge of the job seeking process and networking techniques, I was able to locate, interview, and be offered a very positive and desirable job in my chosen field.  I found my new job in less than nine weeks of working with you. Your services were high-quality and outstanding and your ability to ease fears was key.” Mark C., COO, Non-profit, Medford, MA

Career coaching helped Ben to clarify his career goals and strengths to identify an ideal target job. With the support of a structured career coaching process, Ben landed a job that fully leverages his professional skills.

Our sessions helped me narrow down strengths, weaknesses and preferred qualities in a job. I was offered a great position at… I’ve been here since mid October and things are going great. The organization has a strong reputation as being an “employer of choice” and my duties couldn’t be a better fit for my skill set. Thank you very much again.” ~ Ben R., Administration, Healthcare, Springfield, MA

Darin engaged in career coaching to help him transition from being a faculty member in higher education to a career in biotechnology. The career coaching process offered Darin the confidence, tools, and messaging he needed to make this challenging career change.

“Without question, I would highly recommend Kim Meninger as a career strategist. I had been entirely frustrated with my current searches and success rate for interviews until I spoke with Kim. She was a sounding board for a while while I vented. She calmly and optimistically presented alternative approaches, providing the “verbiage” that scientists like myself don’t normally use to convey my skills/expertise/education/etc. to the biotech industry. Without question, Kim is the primary exemplar to career coaching to whom I have referred several friends. When I feel ready to move up the corporate ladder, I know Kim would provide concrete and successful advice to present my case and receive the promotion.” ~ Darin F., Manager, Biotechnology, Salt Lake City, UT


Kim Meninger and Amy Adler have partnered together for years to provide comprehensive career support to executive clients in career transition. Their joint offering has helped scores of executives to land their ideal executive roles.

“I am proud to know, work with, and hire Kim regularly. As I have told the clients of mine whom I have sent her way for expert career coaching, Kim is the best listener I have ever met. Her ability to understand, synthesize, and advise based on the information is unparalleled. If anyone is looking for an expert career coach with superior knowledge of networking, career change, goal establishment, and more, Kim is the right person for you to call.” ~ Amy L. Adler, Executive Resume Writer, Professional Services, Salt Lake City, UT

After many years in one organization, Steve was unfamiliar with current job search strategies and unprepared to communicate his value and accomplishments in the interview process. The career coaching process helped Steve to make a successful transition to an ideal role within 3 months.

Interview prep helped immensely and I was able to speak confidently and comfortably to all questions asked. I was comfortable answering the questions because of the work we had done.” ~ Steve C., District Management, Retail, Salt Lake City, UT