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The Biggest Reason You Haven’t Made a Career Change (And What to Do About It)

If you’re like so many other professionals, you’ve been thinking about making a career change for a long time. You’ve fantasized about leaving your current job and doing something more fulfilling, challenging, or rewarding. But you haven’t… You’re motivated to make a change. You know all the reasons why leaving is the right thing to […]

Are You Too Self-Reliant at Work?

Independence, autonomy, and self-reliance are states we all strive to achieve throughout our careers. Micromanagement or a dependency on others creates strong feelings of disempowerment, often resulting in disengagement and reduced motivation. But can you have too much self-reliance? I’ve spoken recently with several clients who are struggling to balance their own independence with their […]

The Importance of Saying No

I recently wrote a post on the power of saying yes. My goal was to emphasize the value that stems from your willingness to stretch the limits of your comfort zone and try something new. Unless you’re open to new experiences and opportunities, you won’t grow and advance your career. This week, I am focusing […]

Yes, You Can Be Liked AND Respected

A major theme across many of my recent coaching conversations has been the perceived contrast between being liked and being respected. I have many clients who have established a professional brand built on likability. This quality has helped them to build strong relationships and reputations for being a good team player. But as they advance […]

Why You Must Add Value at Every Meeting

Years ago, I attended an out-of-state business review meeting with a strategic alliance partner. Because the relationship was of critical importance to our company, a large contingent of us made the cross-country trip to the partner’s site, investing valuable time and money in our visit. As we crowded into the conference room to exchange quarterly […]

The 3 Real Reasons You’re Overworked

You know that feeling. You’ve been working long hours every day and you still can’t seem to catch up. You don’t remember the last time you did something for yourself. And your family is frustrated that you’re spending all of your time at work. This is a common challenge for many successful professionals. They feel […]

The Power of Saying Yes

Years ago, while out for a drink with a colleague after work, I serendipitously met the leadership team of another internal department. Having had no previous interactions with the group, I was genuinely curious about their efforts and asked a number of questions to better understand their structure and focus. Throughout the conversation, I also […]

Think a New Job Will Solve Your Problems? Think Again

When you’re feeling frustrated in your job, it’s natural to imagine an escape. Fantasizing about that mythical new job with the inspiring manager, supportive colleagues, lack of office politics, greater flexibility, etc. might be the only thing that gets you through a stressful work week. Once you make that transition, everything will be better… If […]

Can You Reinvent Yourself in Your Current Job?

A common theme that I’ve recently observed among several of my executive coaching clients is the challenge of reinventing yourself in an environment where leaders, colleagues, and direct reports already have an established perception of you. Is it possible to make changes to your leadership style, interpersonal interactions, or other professional behaviors while in your […]